dissabte, 25 de gener de 2014

fil... wip

for fun
to do something else apart of my final project (and my work, of course ^^)
it's been a while since the last post of photoshop, I wanted to put some color on this blog ;)
I hope I'll finish it soon.

dimecres, 22 de gener de 2014

where have you been?

diumenge, 19 de gener de 2014


Regal d'amic invisible. A vegades les coses et surten de dins i no les pots evitar...

A gift. Sometimes there's something inside that wants to escape and you can't avoid it...  
"in constant evolution, in constant mutation, be always what you admire"


dimecres, 1 de gener de 2014


esbós ràpid...

feliç 2014!