dimecres, 20 de juliol de 2011

noia II

odio el meu escàner.... o és tan difícil aconseguir que capti bé els colors? uhmpf... una altra noia
I hate my scanner... or is it so dificult to get the colors well?? uhmpf... another girl

5 comentaris:

  1. Uooooooooh M'agrada moooooltisim l'expressió de la noia i la papallona *3*!

  2. beautiful drawing, I love the little butterfly!
    I totally understand you frustration! I always hate when I scan my drawings too, I'm never able to achieve its really look!


  3. thanks Ester!! i'm glad that someone understands me... I'll look for a new scanner... who knows... maybe I will find the one :)

    I love your blog!!